Solidarity and Awareness-raising compaigns

Context of the project

Following the 2nd Article of its fundamental status, BANI organization operates in local population awareness considering the importance of prevention and health education, such as organizing seminars, meetings, study days, awareness-raising campaigns, symposia, medical days ... Our first awareness-raising activity was the organization of the first BANI solidarity days around the theme “Solidarity” on September 30th, 2000. Different actions, as well as medical days, are regularly organized with the participation of our partners in different categories. Furthermore, BANI organizes general actions including multidisciplinary specialties.

Aid and support for Health Institutions, organizations and for Patients

BANI is devoted to supporting the underprivileged population of Tiznit region and accompanying them, as well as supporting health institutions by providing materials and equipment. One of BANI’s objectives is to provide help and support to local organizations (NGOs) and individuals whenever it is possible. BANI constantly mobilizes material and human resources available to support patients and needy people who suffer from kidney failure, heart diseases, and other chronic diseases, by financing all or part of their surgical operations or by facilitating the use of medical equipment. The organization counts a total of 654 medical interventions in this field in addition to various aids.

Scope of intervention

General medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, cardiac diseases, kidney failure, HIV / AIDS prevention, Female Cancer detection, Food Hygiene Education, Orthopedic Medicine, Medical care, Hygiene and Oral Prevention, Myopathy Control, Diabetes Detection and Prevention, Ophthalmology, first aid, ...






Medical specialties


medical intervention