BANI Hemodialysis Center

Context of the project

Driven by the desire to improve the level of health services, the ministry of public health and the BANI organization have signed a cooperation agreement that aims at improving the management of kidney failure cases within the community of Tiznit. By which, BANI has initiated its first major project; the construction of an hemodialysis center in Tiznit, the first in the region at the time.



Inaugurating the construction work of the hemodialysis center (major works).


Approval and signature of the cooperation agreement by the ministry of health.


Completing construction work and providing equipments of BANI hemodialysis center. Additional constructions have been accomplished: guardian's house, emergency electric generator depot, and an additional deposit.


Official launch of BANI Hemodialysis Center.

Resources put in place

BANI has mobilized for this project: 23 dialysis generators, 1 water treatment room which includes: 3 reverse osmosis units, 4 overpressure pumps, 1 salt pans, 1 dechlorer, 7 cartridge filter holders, 4 tank floats, 2 softeners, 3 polyethylene tanks, 1 control panel of pump…, 19 electric medical beds, 14 air conditioners, including 6 centralized, 4 TV sets, 1 washing machine and 1 generator.

Extension of the BANI Center

To be able to meet the growing demands of dialysis patients awaiting admission to the center, an extension of the center was programmed on the first floor, occupying a surface of 334.18m2. This extension includes: a treatment room, a water treatment room, a waiting room, a doctor's office, office of the chief of personnel, an elevator and other buildings. The extension is also equipped with 6 centralized air conditioners.

Transfer of the management of the center to the ministry of health

The Bani organization has expressed its willingness to no more take charge of the management of the hemodialysis center since June 2013, this withdrawal became effective at the end of 2014.




treatment session


electric medical beds


dialysis generators