BANI Health Home

Context of the project

The "BANI Health Home" (MBSA) was implemented on August 10th, 2007 with the presence of the associative community of the french city of Saint-Denis, the representative of Saint-Denis and local organizations from the province of Tiznit.

The BANI Health Home’s four missions are: Information, Orientation, Welcoming and Raising awareness

BANI Health Home provides useful information and documentation to the public regarding the theme of public health including the most endemic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, maternal and infant mortality) and other social concerns (drug addiction, AIDS. ....). It provides also contact information and ensures a permanent reception of citizens for information related to public health such as contact information of health professionals, recommendations and references to adequate health facilities. BANI Health Home is a structure designed to accommodate relatives of patients hospitalized in hospitals in the city, welcoming both relatives and guests of children hospitalized in hospitals whose daily presence of beloved ones is necessary to provide psychological support. BANI Health Home is also a space dedicated to professionals, organizations and to the public. It is a space for organizing awareness-raising activities concerning public health frameworks through the organization of meetings, conferences, and debates to discuss the main health issues. In this context, BANI organizes regularly 3 types of actions: Solidarity days, Awareness actions and help and support to health institutions and organizations.