Orientation day for more than 1500 pupils in Tiznit

Orientation day for more than 1500 pupils in Tiznit

Saturday, March 23th 2019, at the “la Marche Verte” High School, Mr. Hassan Khalil, Mayor of Tiznit Province, accompanied by the Director of the Tiznit Regional Academy of Education and Training and the local authorities announced the official launch of the orientation day organized by the organization of development of the mathematical and media culture Ben M’Sik of Casablanca and by BANI, in coordination with the Regional Direction of Education and Training under the theme: “Development of Scientific Culture and Postgraduate Pedagogical Guidance” with the participation of experts, university professors and researchers in several disciplines.


This cultural and educational event welcomed more than 1500 high school students, supervised by a team of 120 skilled and experienced teachers; including 76 university professors, higher institutes’ professors and university mathematics research students in Casablanca faculties.

The program was plentiful of meetings, workshops, presentations and miscellaneous activities. The day started with the visit of the official delegation to the various stands in the high school as well as the exhibition of books and posters, the activities organized by the two organizations and an opening meeting which took place in the big room. One of the MCs of the ceremony was the regional director of Tiznit as well as the president of Ben M’Sik organization and also the president of Bani organization. This event had a significant added value to the educational and institutional actors of the region, it aimed at helping the students value their skills and their cultural and scientific and technological qualifications and to provide a good and helpful education service.

Several seminars were scheduled for students, the first one was in the morning under the theme of “collective leadership” orchestrated by Mr. Ayman al-Sharaki and the second seminar of the afternoon was under the theme “Mathematics in the understanding of phenomena ” MCed by Professors Ayoub Nouni and Imane Akmour. Moreover, more than 45 workshops have been organized for students; where many scientific and technical disciplines were addressed such as 3D printing, measuring the speed of sound in the air, fun chemistry, figures marking the history of mathematics, the intelligent fabric, mathematical puzzles, the use of the computer in physical experiments … As well as the organization of interactive round tables with students around higher studies and orientation subjects.

The school received a donation from both organizations, which included books for the school library, furniture for the residential school, laboratory equipment, desktops, computers, and audio-visual equipment, sports supplies, and equipment for the benefit of the sports association of the school; this donation was made in order to contribute to the improvement of pedagogical work. On the other hand, the representatives of the two organizations received certificates of honor from the high school administration, executives and students to thank them for their support and accompaniment.

It is worth mentioning that this orientation day witnessed the effective participation of many experts and university professors; we mention:

– M. Okasha Deir: specialist in mathematics, in charge of coordination and regional inspection of mathematics in the preparatory classes departments of engineers at the National Center for Educational Innovation and Experimentation.     – Ms. Fatima Lmadari: former professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Casablanca and a community activist.

– Ms. Hajib Bouamri Houda: inspector in Educational Guidance, Head of the Regional Directorate, Moulay Rachid.
– Ms. Karakcho Jamila: former professor at the Mohammedia School of Engineers and the first woman in Morocco to achieve a state doctorate (Ph.D.) in mathematics and a visiting professor in several higher education institutes.
– M. Mohamed Raji: professor at the Hassan II University in Casablanca, head of the geology department of the Faculty of Sciences, Ibn M’Sik, and responsible for the division.
– Ms. Yousfi Noura, Vice-President of the Faculty of Science of Ben M’Sik, in charge of scientific research and Vice-President of the Moroccan Association of Mathematic Women «AMAFEM» and a Founding member of the association of the development of mathematics and data culture «ABCMATHINFO».

In addition to the participation of a number of university teacher assistants in various disciplines.