Values and Policies

20 years of serving health and development

BANI is an organization for the development and health care; supporting health institutions and assisting patients of the two regions of TIZNIT and SIDI IFNI. BANI was founded right after its first general assembly constitution of March 8 th , 1998. BANI has a representative office in Paris (BANI Medical Europe) since July 2003. BANI aims also at supporting education programs as a part of its overall vision of development.

Our mandate

Independent, private and non-profit, BANI is a Moroccan non-governmental organization registered as an association of public utility by the decree N°2-04-463 of June 4 th , 2004.

Our Impact

In order to reach and maintain sustainable development in the regions of Tiznit and Sidi Ifni (Morocco), BANI acts on the following frameworks:

    • Assisting and helping patients.
    • Supporting health organizations (construction and equipment of health facilities).
    • Raise health awareness among the population.
    • Expanding medical services benefits.
    • Organizing all kinds of activities that contribute to development.
    • The BANI association has also led several actions and projects in the education sector. The association has been a pioneer in the fight against university dropout for girls in the Souss region.

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